Fall in Love with the Fall..

Fall in Love with Fall..

Now is my favorite time of the year to be in the flower business. Right now so much of our designs are intuitive. It is so easy to pull a small piece of nature from outside and simply work around it. The seasonal colors and textures are so expressive they give an increased sense of time and place. Whether it is the last of the summer perennials or late season hydrangeas that have the muted colors of a great summer just gone by, creating autumn floral art captures the true essence of a day in a busy flower shop.


The Red Hot Poker Pot..

Red Hot Poler Pot..

We love color!

This beautiful piece in a black paisely floral pot is made exclusively from florals that were harvested on our hobby nursery in Langely. It contains Physallis, Rose hips Coryllus branch and Kniphoffia. The black pot is a great backdrop for the color orange. Notice how full the arrangement looks and feels eventhough only few (non traditional) flowers were actually used.


Keep it Simple..

Fruit Arrangement

We all have small votives and other special pots around the house. Take the time and let the simple things speak for you. Done correctly, A few small clusters of this or that will always seem like more than what it actually is. This simple set of six cube vases, contains our own harvested crabapples, physallis and jade hydrangeas, and can be made for about the price of a dozen roses at the supermarket.

What do you think your wife would prefer to receive?


Long Lasting Fun..

Harvest Arrangement

Want something to last for the whole month of October...? No problem this cute mantel piece with three pumkins and rose hips will do just that. This piece captures the season and is easy to maintain and requires vitually no water. It is ideal for family and friends in apartments or small homes or for loved ones who may need to spend time in the hospital.


This years entry Peoples Choice 08

Banana Arrangement

What better way to show off the simple beauty of the banana flower than in its own wrapper?